Silver Eagle Construction Products, Inc.

Since 1981.

Silver Eagle Construction Products, Inc. is a miscellaneous steel fabricator and material supplier for the heavy highway, road, and bridge construction industry throughout the Midwest. We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service while supporting our customers’ projects with the best quality products available.


Silver Eagle Construction Products, Inc. fabricated and delivered rebar templates, the crash-worthy bridge rail, and the fiberglass bridge drainage system for the new Mississippi River Bridge project over the Mississippi River in downtown St. Louis, MO. The templates measured 16' x 20' and were delivered in multiple truckloads with final assembly done on the job site. The templates were then hoisted into the forms for the bridge towers and left in place as construction rose around them.

Approximately 12,000 LF of rectangular steel tube was used to fabricate the rail in our shop along with over 1,200 posts built from over 58,000 Lbs. of steel plate. The entire rail and post assembly was then galvanized prior to being assembled on site with 20,000+ bolts, nuts, and washers. Silver Eagle also fabricated over 1,200 custom 5/8" diameter u-bolts to be used as part of the rail assembly.

The drainage system was fabricated and assembled from 6,000 LF of fiberglass pipe - ranging in diameter from 6" to 12", and required 320+ fittings and over 550 pipe clamps/hangers complete with galvanized hardware. In order to ease the final installation process done by the contractor, Silver Eagle labeled each individual piece with an identifier that coordinated with the shop drawings we also provided.

More information can be found on the project's website and on MoDOT's website.